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Party Mu Online Xmas Promo+ Double exp

Hello Party Mu Online players! From 15. December till 3. January we offer donation promotions as the holiday season is almost here!

You will get double donation credits on all donations!

Double experience for holiday time!

Happy holidays and happy New Year!!!


Posted 16 / 12 / 2017

Party Mu Online Season 12 Opening 2. December

Party Mu Online X5000 Grand Opening 2.December!
Server location SINGAPORE!
Close countries latency 0-50, Europe ~100-150, NA, SA ~100-200, depends on your internet speed, good EU,USA internets wont see difference!
Server local time: UTC +08.00 (Singapure) Castle siege will be local time!
Opening TIME: 18.00 SERVER Time
Party mu online is new high exp server! As the name says, its based for parties! Best exp and drop is set for players in parties!
Party exp: 2players: 120% 3players: 130% 4players 150% 5players: 175%
Version: Season 12.1
Max Level: 400
Max ML: 200
Experience: 5000x
Drop Rate: 55%
Spots all maps,marked on minimap!
Server is PVP server. Non PVP  maps: Losttower, Kanturu, Freya
Blood castle: Can drop ancient items (reward chance to get AA 2lvl item)
Bosses: Great loot,boss HP increased slightly
From 400lvl, stats stays (2kk zen*reset)
Max resets: 250
Grand reset: 250 Resets, Stats burns, Bonuss: 2000 Credits
Max stats is 32000
Pack mu online Jewels: bless, soul, life, creation, guardian, gem, harmony, chaos
Syntax: /pack [jewel] [value] [ex: /pack bless 30 (Create one pack of 30 Bless if u have 30 Bless.
Unpack Jewels: (bless, soul, life, creation, guardian, gem, harmony, chaos
Syntax: /part [jewel] [value] [ex: /part bless 30 (Create one pack of 30 Bless if u have 30 Bless.)]
Obs: Max Pack = 160 Jewels
Custom and Offstore:
Jewels Accept: Bless, Soul, Chaos, WCoinC, WCoinP, Goblin Points
To use off store, you need to level 10.
Active mu online events
Raklion Event (Selupan) Active.
Kanturu Event (Maya) Active.
Invasions: Active
Imperial Guardian: Active
Illusion Temple: Active, need min 2 players.
Double Goer: Active
Devil Square: Active
Archa Battle: Active
Castle Siege: Active
Blood Castle: Active


Posted 03 / 12 / 2017

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